Athlete & Family Testimonials

Each student-athlete goes through a recruiting experience that is completely unique to their overall goals. We take great pride in the relationships we create with the families we work with as we guide them along this often overwhelming journey to the collegiate level. Everyone has a story to tell so read on to learn more!
“As far as our goals when deciding to use Andrew, our family just needed some guidance with the recruiting process. I was the first person to go through it and we had no clue how to reach out to coaches and make connections early on. Also, we knew that Andrew was a good way to get my information out to coaches in a formal and organized way. Andrew’s helpfulness was definitely beyond what we could’ve asked for. He contacted so many coaches individually and continually updated them and my profile. He was very timely and figured out any questions or concerns we had. He held true to any promises he made to us in the beginning and was an incredible resource.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Judy Pendergast, Naperville North HS

XC/Track, Harvard University

“Andrew and Right On Track have one mission: To get your child into the school(s) of their choice and being able to continue their passion of running while in college. Although, you would think “Oh, I could do that myself and save some money.†No, you cannot. This is my affirmation that we would not have the time, nor the energy in any given week to promote and publicize our son in the professional and skilled manner that Andrew has done over the course of the last 11 months. There is too much territory to cover and too many schools to maintain a continuous relationship with all the while managing your daily life. We are full-time working parents with other children schedules to manage as well. That is why Andrew is good at his job. That is why you hire him.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Clayton Mendez, Whitney Young HS

XC/Track, Stanford University

“As a family, we can confidently say that this process would have been utter chaos had we not had Andrew’s help. I think it would have taken a lot more time and effort and would have been a lot more stressful without Andrew — working with him was absolutely worth it! Andrew went above and beyond to get to know me and my family and support me in cross country and track. He came to countless meets that I was competing in, some being quite the drive from where he lived with his wife and newborn son. I appreciated his attendance so much, I could really tell he cared about all his clients and wanted them to be as successful as possible. Andrew did everything he promised he would do at the first meeting we had with him.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Brett Chody, Lake Forest HS

XC/Track, University of Southern California

“My tournament exposure was unreal. Each game had about 30 coaches on the sidelines and I know it was due to Andrew. I am not sure Andrew sleeps as he works 24/7. His follow up is unreal. He was in constant contact with my parents and I on group chats and emails. There were times I couldn’t keep up during the school day with responses coming in. Andrew would set up the calls with coaches and I took it from there. I would correspond with Andrew after the calls and all the follow up came from him. I had the top schools in the country coming to see me and wanting to set up calls and visits.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Shaye Fitzpatrick, Batavia HS

Lacrosse, Duke University

“If there is one way I can describe the process it would be ‘collaborative’ because the action items are shared by Andrew AND the athlete – a key point in continual engagement. If all the effort had been placed on the shoulders of Andrew or the athlete, the results wouldn’t have been the same. I would highly recommend Andrew and the recruiting process for any student that is serious about competing at the college level for the following reasons: navigating the NCAA recruiting regulations, demystifying the particular sports recruiting nuances, establishing contacts with college coaches, mentoring the athlete through decisions, skillfully manages the relationship with all family members, keeping the athlete on track with specific tasks, and knowledge of colleges academics and athletic requirements. But most importantly, Andrew is very ambitious and truly cares about his clients.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Lila Adler, Loyola Academy

Track & Field, University of California - Berkeley

“The recruiting process is quite stressful and can be overwhelming at times. We highly recommend using Andrew to help with this process! Not only does he allow your athlete to be seen by more coaches but also he really holds your hand and guides you through the process. You have much more information than you could possibly have if he were not the intermediary. This puts you in a position to focus your time and energy based on real information, which is priceless. It was the best decision we made during the recruiting process!” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Emma Patlovich, Lake Forest HS

Volleyball, University of New Hampshire

“I ended up deciding to go to USC because it was the best fit for me and I greatly admire the coaches and whole athletic program there and the academics are what I was looking for in a school. As a family, we could not have done this completely on our own because the amount of time required to be successfully recruited takes up a big portion of your free time throughout the week. Andrew was always available 24/7 and always went “above and beyond.†He held true to everything that he mentioned when we first sat down with him and then some.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Katie Karahalios, Lake Forest HS

Lacrosse, University of Southern California

“Andrew is incredibly personable and very responsive. He had the right balance between figuring out how he could help without being too pushy or overbearing. He kept Isabel on track and kept her focused on the communication she needed to have with key coaches. But, he also let her do the bulk of the work, which was important to the process. Isabel was excited about the incredible opportunity to be a collegiate athlete and to compete at a higher level in a sport she loves.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Isabel Sessions, Latin School of Chicago

Volleyball, Middlebury College

“For my experience, I don’t think I would have been able to do this on my own. I did contact a few coaches before I started with Andrew, however, I was always unsure of what to say to them and questions to ask. Andrew helped me communicate with them and know exactly what to say. Additionally, I had a hard time getting in contact with some coaches at schools I was very interested in. Andrew played a big role in contacting schools that weren’t responding to my emails. He would call and talk with them about my athletics and academics. This was a huge help since I had a hard time getting some coaches to contact me back. Andrew made this happen, and it helped put me on the phone with them.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Haley Click, Lake Forest HS

Track & Field, University of Michigan

“Andrew was able to help me with anything I needed. For example, teaching me how to talk on the phone with a college coach (which is the most nerve-racking thing EVER), or emailing schools I have never even heard of (that was GVSU at the beginning), and introducing me to coaches he was friends with personally. It is like having someone directly by your side through the entire process. I would not have been able to do this without him. The recruiting process was stressful, but being able to say that I am now committed for the sport I love is the best feeling.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Carly Shisler, Naperville North HS

Lacrosse, Grand Valley State University

“Andrew worked with us to lay the groundwork for successful interactions with coaching staffs through email, by phone or in person. Learning to develop an effective story and then presenting it well are skills that will be useful to Mark well beyond the world of recruiting. I believe that very few families would do this as well or as diligently without the benefit of an experienced recruiting coach and intermediary. Knowing what to do, when to do it, and having a coach to both counsel us and manage all of the activity made the recruiting process both doable and enjoyable.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Mark Myers, Lake Forest HS

XC/Track, University of North Carolina

“Andrew has a fantastic program that will help young athletes get in touch with hundreds of coaches as well as helping find the perfect school for you. It allows the athlete to focus more on playing the game instead of worrying about the whole crazy process they are going through. It’s a tiresome and gruesome process, but he made it that much more easier for my family and I. He was constantly emailing coaches for me, telling me what work I had to do, and keeping my family informed along the way. There was never a time that I doubted him and if I needed something, he was always a short text or email away.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Katie Claussner, St Charles East HS

Basketball, Washington University in St. Louis

“The best part was knowing everything was handled – knowing Andrew had everything under control for us. The most valuable aspect was that the process was stress free for Carmen and the family. Junior year is a particularly hard one with AP classes and obtaining a good ACT score – Andrew relieved all the stress of trying to find a great college. Carmen thoroughly enjoyed the process of being recruited – it was great! She is extremely happy with her decision to attend NYU and dive!” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Carmen White, Lake Forest HS

Diving, New York University

“The first day I met with Andrew, he began compiling a list of the various characteristics my ideal college would have. This impressed me very much, and speaking with him made me excited about the whole process rather than being scared of it. It also was the key in opening the doors to many official visit opportunities! I was given expert advice on how to present myself professionally and personably, and I was complemented by coaches many times on how well prepared I was, and I thank Andrew for that.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Annie Carlson, Westmont HS

Track & Field, Colorado State University

“Working with Andrew was especially critical because I did not have a lot of time to complete the process and get my information out there. Therefore, it would have been tough on my own. It takes a lot of time and resources to be successfully recruited. From making a website, to getting footage for a video, to making a personal statement, to sending countless emails, and going to camps and showcases, it is quite a process. Andrew does a great job making that process go a lot smoother. I chose WashU because not only is it one of the best Division III baseball schools in the nation, it is also one of the nation’s top academic schools as well.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Scott Nelson, Barrington HS

Baseball, Washington University in St. Louis

“My goal of signing with a school and receiving a scholarship was in fact achieved with the University of Iowa. I wanted to be able to go to a place to further my high jump skills and help pay for college at the same time and I did just that with Andrew’s help. Andrew was always available to my dad, mom, and I whenever we had questions about the process. The response was quick and efficient so it helped a lot with communicating with coaches.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Christina MacNab, Providence Catholic HS

Track & Field, University of Iowa

“Andrew held me accountable throughout the whole process, making sure I stayed on top of my assignments and he helped me every step along the way. It was really nice to have someone to turn to when I needed help or had questions. Andrew also would always wish me luck in my upcoming meets and different things that I had, which made me feel as though he really cared. I think that if I had to do this on my own, I would have been extremely overwhelmed, as it takes a lot of time and work.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Emma Barnett, Barrington HS

Swimming, Truman State University

“I knew I wanted to compete at the college level, but I had no idea where to begin. It helped me kick start my college search and gave me the confidence I needed to properly market myself to coaches. I was consistently emailing with maybe 50 coaches, and speaking on the phone with 20. We could not have done this on our own. It takes a lot of time and persistence to be successfully recruited. My family and I had no idea where to even begin, so being with Andrew was extremely helpful during this whole process.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Gianna Salzbrunn, Montini Catholic

Track & Field, Eastern Michigan University

“We are confident that had we gone through this process on our own, we would not have been successful in matching our daughter with the right school. We would not have been able to cast as wide a net and included so many great institutions. With Andrew’s help, the time investment from our side was minimal and very manageable. Andrew will be your trusted advisor and advocate through this process. The experience and coaching network Andrew has built up is essential to ensuring maximum exposure to the right schools. Without Andrew’s assistance and leadership, our daughter would not have found the best school for her socially, academically, and athletically.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Emma Jones, Benet Academy

Track & Field, University of Massachusetts

“My favorite aspect of the whole recruiting process was talking to colleges all over the country. For my family though, the most valuable aspect of working with Andrew was having someone who knows all the NCAA rules and to help us through the whole process. I talked to at least 50 schools during the recruitment process. Andrew’s resources and connections are extremely valuable. Andrew came to so many of my meets, both track and cross country, over the recruitment process. Communicating this way made Andrew feel more like a friend.” [View Full Testimonial Here]
Jenna Diers, Lincoln-Way West HS

Track & Field, Colorado State University

It’s Never Too Early to Begin The Recruiting Process

Starting early is proven to provide our athletes with greater exposure, more opportunities and increased chances of securing an offer at their dream university. We offer a free evaluation to determine if the student-athlete has the necessary combination of academics, ability, character, and passion to compete at the collegiate level.